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I believe that preserving our freedoms in society requires maintaining fiscal responsibility in government. I initiated the referendum to stop the city from raising our property tax until a public vote. Many of you carried and (5,280) signed that referendum. THANK YOU. Orem’s indebtedness has increased by almost $47 million because of UTOPIA. Most residents will not use UTOPIA, but all must pay for it. The city should not be competing with private enterprise, nor offering selective benefits with public funds. Recently, the city wrote off UTOPIA’s debt of over $5 million from a $9 million loan. The City Council approved new bonded indebtedness of over $5 million for UTOPIA/UIA this year. They still want to raise taxes and impact fees in November so we can pay $1.7 million more for UTOPIA debt. Additionally, the city's new budget raised our utilities and added a new street lighting fee. They are yet considering other ways to increase city revenues rather than constrain spending. Raising taxes won't bring a balanced budget because we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We don't need to cut the essentials, but we must live within our means! I want increased fiscal responsibility for Orem.

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